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In this life simulation game, you must make your way through the different milestones of your character’s life facing different challenges at each stage. From birth until death, you must face these challenges with skill and precision in order to give your character a healthy life. Each stage is timed, so you must complete the task assigned to you before time runs out.


Life the Game features varied tasks for each stage of the character’s life. Everything from his birth until his death is covered in a series of difficult challenges, which you must complete. Featuring nasty pimples which need to be popped, math homework that needs to be done, and other such tasks, Life the Game tests you to complete these tasks to be succeeded in life.

How to Play

Use your mouse to click and drag as needed. You must complete a challenge before time runs out, otherwise you will have to start that stage again. Each level (or stage in the character’s life) brings a new test. For example, popping pimples at puberty or doing math homework for school. There is only one life in this game, so use it wisely and try not to fail.

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