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Arranged into 35 levels (more coming soon), Clustertruck is a platform game which requires you to jump from one truck to the next without falling down. In each level, trucks are arranged differently and you must make it to the finish line by jumping from truck to truck.


The game features 35 levels and each level requires you to jump from one truck to the other, all arranged differently. The levels are also set in different places, presenting different road conditions; for example, an icy tundra which makes the terrain slippery for the trucks.

How to Play

Press space or ‘J’ to jump, hold space or ‘J’ to climb, use the arrow keys or ‘A’ and ‘D’ to move left and right respectively. You must jump from one truck to the next until you reach the finish line successfully and unlock the next level. Each level has a different number of trucks that are arranged in different clusters. You will be moving quite fast, so be quick to decide where to go. Your timing must be perfect and you must have a good sense of direction to be successful. If you fall off the truck, you will have to start the level again.


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