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Game rating: 4.25 based on 4 votes.

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In this enemy species (aliens, zombies, robots and so on) versus humans battle, your goal is to defeat the enemy by killing them off one by one. Raze 3 shooter game requires you to shoot the enemy in order to eliminate them. Your teammates will help you defeat them. There are three game modes and different levels, which place you in different buildings.


Raze 3 features a 15-level human campaign, an alien campaign (where you can play on the side of the aliens) and a quick match mode. In each level, you will have to defeat different enemies including aliens, robots and zombies. You can also collect weapons that are more effective in defeating the enemies.

How to Play

Use the arrow keys to guide your character. Double tap the up arrow key to double jump. Use the mouse to aim at your enemy and right click to shoot your weapon. Use ‘Control’ or ‘F’ to reflect an attack. In each level, you will face new enemies and new situations to fight in. You must figure out the best way to kill your enemy. If you are killed in a battle, you will respawn after 3 seconds.


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