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If you’re a fan of stacking games, then you’re in for a treat. Super Stacker 2 is absolutely brilliant. It’s an homage to all the times we grew up playing stacking up blocks. There’s something oddly relaxing about stacking things up in order.

Super Stacker 2 is a very comprehensive stacking game. There are several different game modes that you can enjoy. The main campaign involves you having to go through 40 different levels of stacking. Furthermore, there are two other different game modes that you can enjoy. There’s an endless mode and a build your own mode as well.

How to play Super Stacker 2?

Stacker games by their nature are absolutely super simple to play. All you need to enjoy the game is your mouse. You can move the individual blocks around by using the mouse. Whenever you find the place to drop the block simply press the left-click button

Mouse– Move blocks
Left-click– Drop Block

• Make sure the blocks that you line up are all straight and upright. Once your initial base becomes crooked you’re going to have a lot of trouble maintaining the balance
• Go through all the stages. There are definitely some complex shapes that you’ll have to work through.

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