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Games that follow the style of old skater games are always a lot of fun. However, what if you got creative and took away the skateboard. What about replacing that same skateboard with a shopping cart. You would get a much wilder game that proves to be immense amounts of fun.

Shopping Cart Hero is an incredibly fun game. Your objective is to ensure that your hero reaches home. However, that’s not as easy as it sounds. You need to remember that you’re only in a shopping cart. What does help significantly, is the number of upgrades available in the game.

To earn these upgrades, you’ll have to get high scores in your jumps. There are several factors that add to your score for a jump. Factors like the amount of height, the number of tricks you perform, and whether or not you land the trick all matter.

The score you earn will translate into money. You can then move on to spending this money on upgrades to get you closer to home.

How to play Shopping Cart Hero?

The game is super simple to play, and you can operate every function using the mouse. There are several buttons and prompts on the screen that perform different functions. At the bottom of the screen you’ll notice a power bar. When you’re ready to jump, let the meter fill up and the tap again.

Around the side of this button, you’ll notice two directional buttons. These allow you to shift your weight, and perform different flips as well. It’s super easy to play and you will surely have a lot of fun.

Left-Click– Action


• Get the rocket upgrade first. It allows you to cover more distance and gives you more height to perform tricks.
• Make sure you get the landing down correctly. You still get points even if you crash but you collect more for landing the trick.

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