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Tank wars is easily one of the most fun to play browser games out there. If you enjoy top down games, then you’ll have huge amounts of fun. The game is a throwback to the good old times of top down arena games.

What you have to do in the game is incredibly simple. There are several different stages that you have to go through. Each stage involves having to face up against a horde of enemies. Not only that, you’ll have to go through several different obstacles as well. You’ll be able to spend incredible amounts of time just going through the game.

Additionally, the levels become super different as you move forward through the game. You’ll have to keep your focus super sharp if you want to finish the hardest levels.

How to play Tank Wars?

The controls of the game are fairly simple. You can choose to play with just the keyboard or just the mouse. However, the best way to go about things might be using a combination of both.

If you’re using the keyboard, you can move the tank using the WASD keys. Use the spacebar to fire your projectile. When you’re using the mouse, you’ll have to use the buttons that are present on the screen. One issue with this method of control is firing while you’re moving. So, the best way to play might be the keyboard!

WASD- Movement
Spacebar- Fire
Mouse- Movement
Left Click- Action

• Make sure you remove obstacles tactically. If you get rid of all of them immediately, you’ll lose any tactical vantage points you would have. It can be very to get overwhelmed in that situation
• Be sure to communicate if you’re using the two-player mode. There are more enemy hordes that you have to eliminate. Trying to handle all of them can be very difficult, make sure you communicate.

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