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Snail Bob has been played 9,743 times and received a rating of 4.11 / 5 (83%) from 9 votes.

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Game rating: 4.11 based on 9 votes.

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Snail Bob is a single player game where you control a slow moving snail named Bob. Bob is forced to leave his home, as it is destroyed. Bob barely escapes the mayhem, and now it’s the player’s job to help Bob find a new home by assisting him to traverse each stage.


The game consists of 20 interactive stages with different terrains, which Bob has to traverse. The player’s job is to interact with different elements of these terrains such as pulleys, levers etc, to help Bob reach the “Exit”. After passing each stage, the terrain gets more difficult and the interactive elements of the stage get more elaborate. This encourages the players to put on their thinking caps and be innovative. At the end of every stage, the player achieves a score, which depends on how quickly the player can get Bob to the “Exit”.  There are three buttons which are always present in the bottom left corner of every stage. The first button takes the player back to the main page, which displays all the stages the player has cleared and is yet to clear with scores reflecting at the top of each cleared stage. Right next to this is the ‘redo’ button to restart a stage, and finally, a button which allows to mute the background music.

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Snail Bob is a thoroughly interactive click based game. It requires quick action to achieve a good stage score, and encourages analytical thinking and problem solving.


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