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Total Tankage is a shooter game setup in a maze, which requires you to defeat the opponent’s tank to obtain points or reach the score goals. Completing both tasks would give you golden coins, which add to your points. The first to reach the score goal or the tank with the highest score wins.


The game features a single player mode and two multiplayer modes (for 2 players or 3). Each mode is divided into 5 scoring levels. In the free play levels, you play against opponents for an unlimited amount of time and you must defeat the other tanks involved to progress to the next maze. In the ‘first to 21’ level, the first player to score 21 is the winner. You have a choice between different tank options (the only difference between them is their design), and powerups can be collected and used during the game.

How to Play

The first player must use the arrow keys to move and ‘M’ to fire. The second player must use ‘E’, ‘S’, ‘D’ and ‘F’ to move and ‘Q’ to fire. The third player must use the mouse to move and click to fire.


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