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Riddle School is all about trials and tribulations of a student who has been sent to detention. The objective of the game is to interact with your surroundings, figure out clues, and gather items to help the student escape from school premises. As the name suggests, the entire game is an engaging and interactive riddle, which needs to be played attentively to achieve the main objective.


The game features fun filled graphics where the first order of the business is to figure out a way to leave the class room. The player can interact with various objects in the class. Clicking on the right object makes a comic book like dialog balloon appear on the screen providing more information about it. The balloon can be clicked further to reveal more information until it disappears. If the object is crucial to the storyline, it’s automatically saved in the inventory, which is shown in the bottom left corner of the screen. Moreover there are direction buttons, which help navigate the game environment and take the player to new sections. Sometimes, it is also necessary to revisit the previously explored section, as the player may have picked up an item which could be used in that particular section to advance the game plot.

How To Play

Riddle School has a very simplistic click and interact control. There’s a very witty fun fact tab in the beginning which humorously narrates how the game could’ve contained violence and expletives, but the maker decided against it.


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