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Home » Shooting Games » is one of the great free to play browser games out there. The objective of the game is incredibly simple. You’re in an all-out galactic war with other players and their fleets. Yes, unlike other games this game puts you in charge of your entire fleet. Fulfill all your star trek and Star Wars dream. Make sure that your fleet survives the whole battle that way you can get the most fun out of your game.

A critical aspect of the game is making sure that the size of your fleet increases. The increasing size of the fleet gives you various advantages. These advantages include higher firepower, each ship in your fleet fires a weapon when you pull the trigger. The more ships you have, the higher your range of fire will be. The largest fleet typically has the chance to get you the most kills. However, isn’t as simple as that. There’s a significant tradeoff to increasing the size of your fleet.

As the size of your fleet increases, you become a much easier target. The more ships in your fleet the more vulnerable you are to being hit by other boats. It may make you harder to take down, but smaller fleets can easily pick off at your sides. Additionally, the larger your fleet, the slower you start to move. To maintaining the size of your fleet is incredibly essential. Become too large, and you become too easy of a target. Not being large enough means you don’t have enough power and will be relying on maneuverability a lot more. The unique nature of evolution in the game allows you to play with your custom style whether you like to have a juggernaut fleet capable of taking down multiple others at once or a small agile fleet that flits in and out.

Additionally, the game offers a great deal of customizability. There are five different tiers of skins that you can choose from on the PC. The basic skins are all free and offer fleets of different colors. The other designs are a little flashier and require you to connect your social media with the game. There are other skins but these are only available on the mobile platform and not the PC.

How To Play

The game is relatively simple to play with a mouse primarily controlling everything you do. If you’re playing on a laptop using an external mouse will help you get a lot more control. You control the direction your fleet moves in using the mouse. Additionally, you shoot using the mouse as well. You can choose to turn on the auto fire and completely get rid of manual shooting.

Furthermore, the game allows you the ability to turn auto grow on or off as well. If you switch auto-grow off the fleet will only increase in size once you press W. You need to destroy other fleets or shoot the white ships that are around the map to upgrade. Be ready for the intense battle that’s about to greet you once you start playing this game. Make your fleet the largest and rule in this galactic brawl.


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