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Ever wanted to battle it out with your friends on weaponized vehicles, well with kartwars.io that can happen. In the online interactive game, you can drive around and destroy other karts but be careful as your kart can also get killed by other players. The game has a very futuristic theme towards it with all the neon colors.

You can either use the mouse to play or the keyboard. While using the mouse, your kart will follow the mouse for movement; left click is responsible for the items you collect while the right click controls the turbo boost. If the player wants to use the keyboard then the controls are simple, the arrow keys will be used for movement while the “D” button will allow you to use item and the “S” button is responsible for the turbo boost

The game has a simple goal, and it wants you to collect small hexagons scattered throughout the map. These hexagons power your turbo and also add to your total score.  This game has a number of items that the player can collect and use to his or hers advantage. You gain score by obtaining the small golden hexagons which also increase your shield and by killing players that are playing with you. When a player dies all the hexagons they have collected fall down and can be collected, increasing your score.

Items like the homing rockets can be used offensively to kill other players. While another thing the yellow magnetic shield protects you from everything and even kills anyone unshielded. The game also allows you to steal other players items if you move through them; this can lead to many fun and even frustrating moments depending on the situation. All in all, it adds to the extremely fast-paced nature of the game. Other items include landmines which can be very troublesome if they aren’t your own, regular rockets which are very hard to aim as the karts move very fast and lastly a bomb which effects big circle and anyone who is in that circle takes damage.

The more kills you get and score you earn the faster your kart will be even allowing you to outrun homing rockets and makes steamrolling other players with the yellow shield easier. You can use your turbo boost to escape from enemies or even sneak up on an enemy, to destroy them with the numerous items the game has to offer.

You can choose to form a wide variety of karts, so much so some even aren’t karts. You can be a police car, a Tank, even a pineapple if you want. These are however only cosmetic changes and do not affect the performance of your kart in any way. However, it is a great way to add a unique touch to your overall gaming experience. You can unlock individual karts by earning XP and leveling up, and for personal karts, you need super coins, which are earnable only after you sign up.

Get to ready to gear up in your own personal war kart.


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