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Home » Fighting Games » is an entertaining and straightforward way of fulfilling your old age battle fantasies. In this interactive online free game, the player can choose between being a noble knight, a fearsome Viking or a born warrior a Spartan. The set also includes some famous real-life knights like Swedish or Danish knights. These are all cosmetic changes and don’t affect the game, the peasant skin however does. By choosing the peasant skin, you are playing the game in hard mode, as you do half damage.

The objective is to defeat other online players on the battlefield, you can power up and gain the advantage in battle by collecting experience points and shields which are on the battlefield. Players can also find horses, which increases the speed of the player moves which helps the player with the battles. The longer you survive the more you grow making you a fearless warrior.

In the game when you get hit you will lose some of the “XP” that you have gained when your total XP falls to zero its game over, you can also attack other players. The more XP you have, the easier it is to kill other players and take their XP. The XP is an essential part of the game; they are little different colored circles which is your score the more you accumulate XP, the bigger you get. Which means your hits will pack a punch making it easier for you to kill your enemies.

The game is free to play online, and it even has an app on the play store, meaning you and your friends can battle each other and see who the most fearsome warrior amongst you is. You can name your warrior making it easier for you and your friends to play together maybe even team up and defeat other online players on the battlefield. This game has close to no rules, meaning you have the freedom to do anything you want. You and your friends could choose the same skins and act as if you are part of the same team ruling the battlefield or you can go with the classic every man for himself which always a fun way to kill time.

Each skin has its unique weapon, shield, and steed. The knight has a horse and a sword, the Viking rides an elk and wields a battle axe, the mighty Spartan has a golden spear and rides a goat while the messy peasant has a wooden stick & shield and his steed is a pig. These skins are just the free unlocked skins there are more skins to choose from, but they come at a price. These skins while being only cosmetic apart from the peasant one, add a level of uniqueness to your warrior and let’s be honest who wouldn’t want to see a battle between a Viking and Spartan. This game allows you to fulfill your war battle fantasies while sitting at your home.

Get ready to wage the war of legends in its free to play browser game!


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