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Game rating: 2.92 based on 13 votes.

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Dragon Ball Z Devolution is an accessible fighting game based on the popular Dragon Ball Z franchise. This PC game was fan-made, the creator took heavy influence from Dragon Ball Z Goku Gekitoden a game released on the game boy. He was disappointed with the new game. However, it inspired him to create an action fighting game with similar graphics. This game came out in 2004, and for its time it had a lot of content that the player could experience.

The game has many different games modes the player can choose. However, it’s recommendable that you start from Training mode. It’s an incredibly easy way of mastering the game, and Dragon Ball Z fans will rejoice when they see that King Kai and Master Roshi are the ones that train you. After the completion of your training, you can select from four game modes. The main one being the Story mode.

The story mode is a trip down memory lane for the fans of the franchise, as it allows you to experience the essential battles that happened in Dragon Ball Z the series. Starting from the first Saga the 23rd World martial arts tournament till the events leading to “Dragon Ball Super” the latest installment of the franchise, even people who have never seen the dragon ball Z series won’t be missing out on the story.

For stories that are non-canon meaning they are not linked to the main series, there is a “side story mode.” This mode includes the events that took place in individual episodes and Dagon Ball Z movies, for the fans of the series this can be very nostalgic; getting to experience so much content in this game. This content also has a multiplayer aspect.

The game offers a “versus mode,” in which you can battle against a computer AI or a real friend in teams with up to five members. This mode also allows you to set the HP and KI, even the place where you want to battle. All these factors make it possible to relive all the battles with your friends, or also make up your crazy battles that could never happen in the Dragon Ball universe. If that doesn’t satisfy you the “Tenkaichi Budokai” mode allows you to create a martial arts tournament in which eight players can fight against each other.

The game also offers additional game modes such as, Junken a mini-game which is Rock-Paper-Scissors. The game allows you to listen to some music created for the game in the “jukebox” mode, and the Database mode will enable you to view information on unlocked characters such as visuals, stats, and forms. The controls can be tricky to master but don’t worry this article will explain all the commands in detail, so you can learn the game and defeat your friends in the versus mode with ease.

Let’s begin with the basics. Your character can move in all directions by pressing the arrow keys. By pressing the Up key, your player will fly up, by pressing the down key they will fly downwards, and by pressing the left and right keys, the character will move backward and forwards respectively. By double-tapping a direction key you can dash, these were all the controls regarding movement. Then comes the combat aspect of the game.

Holding down the C key will allow you to block and at the same time, charge your “Ki” the more Ki you have, the more powerful attacks you can perform. When you have sufficient ki, you can shoot ki blasts by pressing the X key, by holding the X key down, you can use special attacks like the famous “Kamehameha.”

These were the basics to get an edge in battle. You need to know that some characters have powerful special skills, which you can use to cause vast amounts of damage or increase your attack power. You can use these skills by holding down the up key plus either the X key or C key depending on the move and character. By mastering this, you can beat your friends and claim to be the best Z fighter there is.

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