Return Man 3

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Guide your character to the end zone after catching a ball. Different obstacles come in the way, but you must rely on your team’s defenders to block tacklers and your own ability to dodge other obstacles.


The 15 stages of the game get progressively harder and you must win each stage to unlock the next. You can unlock different special moves (like juke, stiff arm, afterburner and so on) and blockers, who are taller and bulkier, to make the run toward the end zone easier. Various obstacles (like tacklers from the other team and mud) must be dodged to reach the end zone safely.

How to Play Return Man 3?

Use the arrow keys to control the character’s movements and ‘A’, ‘S’ and ‘D’ to use special moves. At the beginning of the round, you must reach the yellow circle to catch the ball before time runs out. If the ball is not caught, it will bounce away and is easier for the other team to catch. You must guide your character to the end zone without getting tackled or having the other team grab the ball. The defenders and powerups will help reach the end zone conveniently.

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