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Simple, but an addictive casual game, you must dodge through an endless field of cubes in different positions. Guide the arrow through the field, while making sure not to hit any cubes.


The colorful cubes and the endless field make this game highly addictive. Scoring is kept according to the time spent in the field without hitting a cube. Once you hit a cube, the game is over. The speed of your gray arrow makes it challenging to dodge cubes. Cubes appear as the arrow approaches them, and they disappear as the arrow makes its way through the field. The already covered distance cannot be covered again because the arrow only moves forward. Some cubes are placed right next to each other, while other are clustered in a group to make it harder to dodge.

How to Play

Using the right and left arrow keys to move the gray arrow, you need to dodge the cubes that come in your way. The longer you avoid crashing into a cube, the higher the score. The gray arrow only moves forward, so do not try to go back to already covered distance. Once the gray arrow crashes into a cube, the game is over.


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