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Game rating: 4.33 based on 3 votes.

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Goodgame Empire is a medieval strategy game which requires you to build, expand and maintain your castle. You are the ruler of the empire and must deal with the everyday decisions that come with this role. Using in-game currency, you can buy new items and speed up construction of houses and shops.


Goodgame Empire features an empire ruled by you. You must build different shops and houses to provide for the population. Shops and other structures include farms, shelter, stone quarries, barracks for the army and so on. In-game diamonds allow you to upgrade and buy more items for the empire. Tax can be collected to help run the empire, and once you level up, your empire receives rewards.

How to Play

Use the mouse to complete all actions. The quest book directs you to uncompleted tasks. You must complete each quest (basic tasks which require you to upgrade and maintain the empire) in order to run the empire smoothly. Other kingdoms can be attacked for rewards. Different components in the empire can be upgraded for increased productivity. However, tasks must be done strategically, otherwise, the resources may run out.


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