Soccer Physics

Soccer Physics has been played 6,901 times and received a rating of 3.83 / 5 (77%) from 6 votes.

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Game rating: 3.83 based on 6 votes.

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This is a physics-based sports game which requires you to get the ball into the net to make a goal. Soccer Physics can be played with two players (where each player is on a different team) or single player (where the other team is played by the computer).


Soccer Physics has a total of two characters in each team. One character is the goalie, while the other plays in the field (controlled by you). Balls of different sizes and properties appear once a goal is made with the previous ball (like a beach ball, football and so on). Different conditions are thrown your way throughout the game (like a slippery field) and you must kick the ball carefully.

How to Play

Player 1 uses the ‘up arrow’ key to jump (this control is also used for the single player mode), while player 2 uses ‘W’. The first team to reach 5 points will win the game. You must guide your character to kick the ball into the goal and score a point. Field conditions and the ball itself will change, making it harder for you to control the character’s movements.


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