Return Man 2

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In this football sports game, you must catch the football and run to the end zone to win the game for your team. The other team will try to get in the way, but your own teammates will defend you until the ball is taken to the end zone.


Unlock special moves (including spin, speed burst and front flip) to increase your character’s abilities. You can collect speed powerups and bonuses during the game. Obstacles, such as, opponents and mud holes slow you down or prevent you from reaching the end zone. If you are tackled by the other team or fail to catch the ball on time, you will lose and have to start again.

How to Play Return Man 2?

Use ‘I’ to run forward, ‘K’ to run backward, ‘J’ to run left and ‘L’ to run right. You must run to the yellow circle in time to catch the ball and run around defenders with teammates to reach the end zone. If you do not make it to the end zone, you will lose a possession. The next stage is unlocked once you make it safely to the end zone.

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