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Game rating: 3.63 based on 8 votes.

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Explore the vast region of Kanto where you will meet new people and make friends, as you embark on an unforgettable adventure in Pokemon Tower Defense.


The game features a variety of original pokemons to choose from and a very unique leveling up system that enables players to level up their pokemons during the battle. Besides the main game, Pokemon Tower Defense also offers optional challenges of varying difficulties upon completion of normal challenges. Another great feature is the ‘daily gift system’; once every 24 hours you can go to Pokemon center to buy different gifts.

How to Play

The main objective of Pokemon Tower Defense (PTD) is to collect all eight gym badges that are in the possession of gym leaders along with collaborating with your friends to protect the rare candy.

Choose the most appropriate location to place your towers and pokemon and use their abilities such as Blaze, Torrent, Overgrow, Compoundeyes, and Inner Focus among others to stop waves of enemy Pokemons from getting through your defenses. The game gets challenging as you progress. You can even go against Mewtwo and some of the rocket members.


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