2048 has been played 16,775 times and received a rating of 3.47 / 5 (70%) from 17 votes.

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Game rating: 3.47 based on 17 votes.

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Do you love challenges? Test your intelligence with a unique puzzle game to refresh your minds.

The game is played on a grey 4 by 4 grid with numbered tiles that slide smoothly when you move them using the arrow keys. It’s a single player game with easy directions but relatively tough challenges. As the name suggests you win the game when the tile of 2048 appears on the screen as a result of moving the numbers.


2048 game is intended to stimulate fun and amusement. Keep moving the tiles to get bigger numbers having the value of 2 or 4. Tiles can go as far as possible to the edge of the grid. The two tiles of similar number collide in the grid and merge to give a greater value. The resulting tile cannot merge with the other tile in the same move. Secure the tiles at the left and right corners to approach the desired number. A scoreboard on the upper right corner keeps track of the user’s score, which is incremented with the value of new tiles evolved after a combination of two tiles. After securing the win by reaching 2048 tile, you can still play to get higher score until there remains a space on the board.

How to Play

Use the arrow keys to move tiles in any of the four directions. Once the two tiles with the same number touch each other they merge into one single tile.


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