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Click to kill and enjoy the win! It is an exciting killing game (Clicker Heroes) for fun lovers and death haters. Hire the heroes and destroy the wretched ugly characters by clicking on them. Collect the gold they leave after death and advance to next levels.


Enjoy the ancient adventures and bright scenery in each level while you play. Wipe out the hideous characters by daring heroes. The goal is to obtain optimum currency called hero souls that is used to buy powerful heroes known as Ancients. Heroes are the main source of Damage Per Second (DPS) in the game. You can hire them using gold coins earned after defeating the enemies. Cid, the helpful adventurer, is the first hero who is a bit slow in damaging the opponents. The rest of the heroes will automatically detect the damage with time, and you will find more powerful ancients as you move on. Currently, there are 45 heroes available in this game. Each hero gives you advanced functions allowing you to upgrade the DPS, the amount of gold earned, and get new skills. Try increasing the DPS which multiplies to 4 times after every 25 levels. You can receive hero souls for every 2,000 combined hero levels while you progress.

How To play

This single player game (Clicker Heroes) is easy to play with computer mouse clicks. You can level a hero up by clicking leveling up button next to the name of the hero. Shift + click level them by a max of 10. You can get an increment of 25 by clicking “Z” + shift. A 100 increment is achieved by clicking ctrl+ click.  “Q”+ click allows you maximum increment using the current amount of gold you possess. Click the spanner on the top right corner for advance settings and options.

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