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Game rating: 4.27 based on 11 votes.

Home » Fun Games » is a brilliant online free game that has been touted as the latest Agario by many gaming enthusiasts due to its similar gameplay dynamics. The cute HTML5 game involves a bunny-like-species who loves eating things like mushrooms, and other animals in order to grow big in size. An interesting game that is packed with exciting new levels, awesome goodies, cute species and challenging quests!

Features is one of the best games around due to its engaging gameplay, interesting levels and fun-filled missions. It is fun feeding your animal different kinds of yummy goodies around the game world including smaller animals and sweet berries while avoiding snares and obstacles on the way. The rabbit-like-animal loves noshing on goodies and you must ensure that it’s well fed because the larger it grows the bigger your score. It will also need to drink plenty of water to stay alive so have fun growing the animal. But be careful of the defined food chain in the gamespace, as bigger animals can feed on your bunny lookalike, so stay alert and keep away from the large burly animals, some of which have special abilities, while your character noshes on the tiny ones.

How To Play

To play, watch out the animals with lime-green outlines because these are your prey, while the animals with red outlines are the attackers and predators. Use the mouse to control your bunny-like animal, left click to make it run and right click to feed it.


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