Wormax.io has been played 4,966 times and received a rating of 4.27 / 5 (86%) from 15 votes.

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Game rating: 4.27 based on 15 votes.

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Wormax.io can be termed as one of the best free online games for its splendid action-packed multiplayer gameplay that features real-time combat with other players. The game requires the players to fight opponents for precious food – a plot similar to the classic title, Snake. The difference lies in the presence of opponents that are ready to take you on, so instead of your own walls and the popular, tail, you need to battle thousands of sly worms if you are to nosh on some yummy food.


Wormax.io is a simple but exciting game that keeps you hooked onto your screen because the worm needs food and you just love fighting the barrage of worms ready to snatch your worm’s food. The more food your worm eats, the bigger it gets and that’s your mission; to grow your worm and keep it safe from the rest of the menacing lot. But you’ll need to be vigilant and careful because these opponents can be witty and quick. They have an eye on your food and the worm in order to grow themselves. It’s a great fun to pick up boosters like magnets, telescopes, mass conservation, health and toxics; avoiding these worms, and battling them to help your worm gain some good mass. That will get you a top rating in the Arena of Wormaxio.

How To Play

In order to play Wormax.io, use your mouse to control the movements of the worm and click to feed it.


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