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Home » Fun Games » is a cool online game that includes exciting levels, an entertaining gameplay, awesome io world and the cool & funky blobs. So, are you ready for some blob fun? Just like wormateio and Online, the game involves growing your snake as fast as possible to dominate the multiplayer blob world and setting traps to move your way up.

Features takes inspiration from popular .io games like and that have been adored by all gaming fans across the world. It involves growing your snake fatter and fatter instead of longer and longer to become the biggest and baddest limax or blob in a thrilling action packed multiplayer mucous io-world. However, take care to avoid the walls and impingement with other players because that can cost you the game. You also need to set up snares to take down the other opponents and consume them in order to win. Are you up for the limax challenge?

How To Play

To play, use the mouse to control the direction of your snake through the game or the WASD or arrow keys on your keyboard. Use left click to feed it so that it can get as meatier as possible.


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