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If you’ve ever had the dream of being a fox then there’s no need to wait any longer. Fox simulator lets you live it all your canine dreams and fox around to your heart’s desire. Don’t think for a second that this is just a meaningless adventure. For a mere browser game there’s a great amount of content.

Firstly, you get to explore a massive open world straight from the bat. There’s a freedom to follow whatever path you want to choose. You can go around collecting quests from different characters in the game, and progress through the different adventures. On the other hand, you could simply decide to go on a Fox rampage. Attack everyone you see, and begin your reign of red terror.

Additionally, you can also move forward and create your entire family. However, that does mean that there’s an additional amount of responsibility that you have to handle. You’ll need to manage your pack and defend them against any potential threats. There’s really a lot of content to explore in the game

How to play Fox Simulator?

As a Fox you have a bundle of tools at your disposal. You can control your movement using the WASD keys. Additionally, the shift button will allow you to sprint. Sprinting will drain your stamina, so you need to keep an eye on the meter as it goes down.
You can also attack in the game using the left-click button. However, you can also enjoy a very passive playthrough. It all depends on what you want to get out of the game.
WASD– Move
Shift– Sprint
Spacebar– Jump
Left-click– Attack

• If you travel around with a large pack, you can quickly overwhelm larger enemies. Battling them alone can be difficult, don’t attempt to get aggressive when you’re a lone Fox.
• Do the quests, they’ll help your earn experience and money.

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