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Crazy Taxi is arguably one of the most popular games of all time. There so many different versions that you can play. However, what makes the games so endearing and popular is their gameplay. Any crazy taxi game should always retain that haphazard feel that you got from the original game. It’s fair to say that this version lives up to that billing easily.

The game begins with you having to choose what vehicle you want to start your journey as a crazy taxi driver. In the start you don’t have any money so there’s only one car available for you to buy.

As you complete rides and earn money, you can move on to some of the faster cars in the game. These while riding faster are much more difficult to handle, so speed around at your own risk. Crashing the car will make you lose money but what crazy taxi doesn’t crash.

How to play Crazy Taxi?

The controls of the game are fairly simple, and all you need to drive the car are the WASD keys. You accelerate using the W key and Brake using the S key. When you’re standing still the S key will also allow you to reverse. The A and D keys allow you to turn left and right respectively.

W– Accelerate
S– Brake
A– Left
D– Right

Drive as fast as you can, faster times will award you the highest score possible.

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