Handless Millionaire

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If you like games with high stakes, then you’re going to love the Handless Millionaire. On the left side of the screen is the money, you’re on the right side and must grab the dollar bill. What stands in between you is a guillotine.

The blade will come down in a specific pattern. As you move through the levels and collect more money, the pattern changes. However, you must keep collecting the money. Any false moves and it’s game over. Just remember what’s at stake. Money is crucial but are you really willing to risk losing a hand?

How to play Handless Millionaire?

The game is super easy to play, in spite of the super high stakes. On the right side of the screen is the Go button. Once you click this button the game begins. Your hand will go forward and collect the money.

The risk is losing it in between, if you get the timing wrong. One wrong step and your hand is gone.


• All you need to be a success in the game is the ability to recognize patterns. Be patient and study the blade.

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