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Game rating: 3.57 based on 7 votes.

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Fantage is an online virtual world where players can socialize, compete in competitions, try different avatars, and complete missions. It is a collection of fun activities combined with educational content to provide players with a unique experience. Fantage game is basically developed for children, but adults can also enjoy their time playing it.


You can either join games like Fantage as a free user or become a member by paying a little money. Click on ‘What is Fantage’ to know all about this game. Users are not allowed to share their personal information in the chat room due to safety issues.

You can select different skin tones, hairstyles, and clothes for your avatar. You can participate in a fashion show and earn points by winning or go shopping in the mall to buy your favorite items. Socialize with other people in this virtual world, take part in competitions, or play with your pets in this colorful 2D virtual world.

The game’s privacy settings and chat room settings are under parents’ control. They can control it as they like for their child’s safety.

How To Play

Fantage is a very easy game to play. You can move your character around with the cursor of your mouse. Just point to where you want your avatar to go. Follow the directions given at various points in the game. Be sure you do not break any safety rules.

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