Dune Buggy

Dune Buggy has been played 6,206 times and received a rating of 3.89 / 5 (78%) from 9 votes.

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Game rating: 3.89 based on 9 votes.

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Dune Buggy is a fast paced car game that is addictive and entertaining. The player has to successfully drive a car through the ups and downs of a rough terrain while earning points.


Click on ‘How To Play’ to be aware of the game rules. The game arena shows a timer, health of the player, and progress at the top of the screen. You will have to reset the game after crashing the car ten times.

Bushes and trees are placed randomly on the course. You have four minutes to complete each level. Touching the stars will earn you points. The difficulty level increases with each passing level.

How To Play

The controls are relatively simple. The arrow keys are used to move the car around the game arena.

  • The ‘Up’ arrow key is for forward movement of the car. Press it for longer time to gain higher speeds.
  • The ‘Down’ is for backward movement.
  • The ‘Right’ arrow key leans the car forward.
  • The ‘Left’ arrow key leans the car backward.
  • The ‘Space bar’ is used to jump over hurdles.

While jumping off a cliff, you can also perform a car flip by combining ‘Right’ and ‘Up’ arrow keys function.


Walkthrough Video