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Game rating: 4.25 based on 4 votes.

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Dual Agar is an extended version of Agar.io which has been specifically crafted for Agar fans. It’s like an extended version of the popular title that had gamers raving about the addictive gameplay, the immersive gaming features, and customization options. This enhanced version also comes equipped with loads of customization features which you can use to enhance your gaming experience and grab the top slot at the leaderboard.


The game includes complete customizable skins, a brand new indicator or tag which shows you’re training, so opponents do not eat your particular cell. There are loads of other features which allow you to adapt the game according to your preference. There is also a special marker which shows the direction of your cell, as it grows big, promulgate or shrinks.

How To Play

In order to play Dual Agar, it is important that you understand how the game works. This is basically an upgraded version of the http://agar.io, so you need to grow your cell as big as possible. Start by using the customization features available in the game, so you can set the features as per your preference. When you enter the game, start eating the colored circles and other players to grow your circle. Be quick as other circles are moving fast, so consume the colored ones to increase your space. Avoid eating the green ones because these can make your circle shrink in size.


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