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Home » Fun Games » is a cool ‘eat & evolve’ game where you are required to consume other cells in order to grow big. The game has become famous among gaming fans due to its vibrant graphics, engaging game plot, and exciting challenges. Gota takes inspiration from other similar games been loved by gamers such as and The title’s immersive gameplay allows you to test your strategic planning skills and gaming prowess, so are up for some challenging play?


With its exciting game features, provides hours of entertaining play offering a unique gaming experience. Features include customizable characters, rewards & bonuses like boosters, thrilling challenges at each new level, and an intense gaming arcade ready for action. You can use the rewards available at each level to grow your cell big by eating the smaller cells inside the arcade. Your aim is primarily to collect cells and amass as much space as you can to emerge a winner.

How To Play

In order to get going, enter the arcade and start with a basic colored cell, eating the smaller colored cells and other players to grow in size. Move through the game map and gather the colored cells scattered across the map to gain size and higher ranks in the leaderboard. If you split your cells into different smaller ones, it will enable you to gather cells from a wider area. You can also shrink in size by dispelling a part of your cell and eating it again which helps you gain rewards like boosters.


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