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Hot cross cookies! Be a baker who bakes an indefinite number of cookies by a simple mouse click. As the name suggests, it is a relatively simple single-player game, which requires you to make cookies per second by clicking on a big yummy chocolate chip cookie at the left side of the screen.

In the beginning, nobody wants to taste your cookies. But as you try making them rapidly within seconds, family and friends develop a likeness for them. Practice makes a cookie perfect! Interesting phrases and appreciations keep you going with the journey of making more cookies. You can purchase buildings with these cookies including Cursors, Grandmas, and Farms, which will make even more cookies. Statistics reveal the amount of cookie production, properties owned, and other related information.

How to play Cookie Clicker?

It is a self-played game which doesn’t even require your mouse clicks. The cookie counts will increase automatically every second. The blink on the right-hand side will guide you to add cursors or grandmas to increase the cookie production. You can add a permanent boost after making enough amount of cookies. Restart the game to amplify your earnings with heavenly chips and prestige.

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