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Sword.io is one of the most straightforward and fun games you could play online. The objective is to use your knives and swords to battle other players on the map. The game is super easy to play. You can choose to stay between attack mode or defense mode. It’s not a complicated game at all, but the two different styles allow for a lot of strategies.

Each match takes place on a single map and has a time limit. As the timer falls, the size of the battlefield starts reducing as well. The area shrinking ensures that players have to go at each other and be aggressive at some point. Around the map, you’ll see knives that you can collect to improve your attack and defense. By collecting knives, you’ll manage to increase your success in battles.

Battles are a competition between attack and defense. If both you and the enemy are attacking, then the one with more words will win. However, in defense mode, you can easily take out attackers. Upon every battle and kill swords will fall all around you. By collecting these knives, you can quickly change the course of a fight. If you die, the round will end, and you’ll have to begin another match. Each match also earns you money and experience.

The money and experience in the game have a distinct purpose as well — part of what makes this game, so fun is the number of unlockable items. Players can buy different swords and avatars using the money in-game. Certain items are also only available after reaching a certain level. The game is super addictive, so you’ll find yourself playing it a lot.

How to play sword.io?

The game is fun and super easy to play. All you’re going to need is a mouse. At the beginning of every match, the screen will prompt you to press and hold on it. Use the right-click on your mouse to do this. By pressing the right-click you’re in attack mode, and you can now navigate the map. If you stop pushing, you’ll enter defense mode, but now you can’t move.

  • Right-click- Attack mode
  • Mouse- Movement

Strategy to use

  • Being aggressive is one way to play; however, defense in this game is critical. If you can become a master of protection, you’ll easily be able to win numerous games. The more games you win, the easier it is to unlock items.
  • Being defensive early on can facilitate aggressive play further into the match. Takedown other players with your defense and collect the fallen swords. This strategy will allow you to play the latter stages of the game aggressively.
  • It’s essential to collect swords and grow in size continuously. The larger you are; the more chances you have of victory. With enough swords, even the toughest of defenses can go down.

•    If you’re in a battle going the wrong way, evade and recuperate. There’s no respawn, so you need to pick battles carefully.


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