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The aim of the original Bomb It is to destroy all opponents to earn points and rewards. The last one standing wins the game. Use powerups you found in the game to increase your character’s abilities and make your chances of winning greater. However, if you get caught in the way of a bomb, you lose.


With the help of powerups, you can easily defeat your enemies and win the game. ‘Bomb It’ features 4 characters for you to choose from. The game is divided into three difficulty levels (Easy, Medium and Hard). Bomb It also has a multiplayer mode to allow you playing with your friends.

How to Play

Use the arrow keys to guide your character and the spacebar to place a bomb in the single player mode. In the multiplayer mode, the player 1 must use ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’ and D to control the character and the spacebar to place a bomb; while the player 2 need to use the arrow keys for controlling and click ‘Enter’ to pin a bomb. You must position your bombs strategically to eliminate your enemies and any obstacles in your way. However, if you get caught in a bomb blast, you will lose.

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