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Head Soccer has been played 6,167 times and received a rating of 4.17 / 5 (84%) from 6 votes.

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Game rating: 4.17 based on 6 votes.

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It is a slow-paced but interesting game of soccer in which you need to be quick and smart to make sure you hit the ball right in the net. Diverse options for multi-player and solo tournaments make it more impelling to play. Once you have entered to play, you will have two more options of tournament and party. If you are a single player or want to play with your partner, you can go for an AI tournament.


The bright pictures and a stadium full of cheering audience will add to your gaming experience. You can choose the best players from eight popular teams of the soccer world. There are four rounds of this game and winning all of them would give you access to the final cup. The stop watch runs faster to complete its ninety minutes. After the first half of 45 minutes, the AI usually becomes more proactive to score. Facial expressions and hand movements count for the missing abdomen of these funny players. You can pause the game using the option at the top left corner of the screen.

How To Play

Direction keys are used to move the player right and left. The upper arrow key is for jumping while spacebar is used to kick the ball. Use your head wisely to stop the goals and push the ball opposite side. Run along the area and stay active to find your chances of smashing hard goals. You can also retry your matches and start them again.


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