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The goal is to destroy your obstacles and enemies to obtain rewards and points. There are 5 game modes, each with its own specific goals. To win the game, these objectives must be completed. The powerups can help you in your endeavors.


Bomb It 7 includes a diverse range of weapons, powerups and transport vehicles. The game modes include arcade (here you have to destroy all enemies), battle royale (you need to wreck at least 10 enemies), new pac-man (the mission is to collect 100 coins), star collector (the objective in this mode is to collect all the stars) and iceman (the task is to freeze 10 monsters). You are allowed to customize game settings including the number of players, enemies and levels; the arena, and the difficulty level. You can also modify your character.

How to Play

In the single player mode, use the arrow keys to guide your character and the spacebar to place a bomb. In the multiplayer mode, player 1 must use ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’ and ‘D’ to control the character and the spacebar to place a bomb; while player 2 must use the arrow keys to control the character and click ‘Enter’ to place a bomb. Each game mode has a different goal, which you must achieve in order to earn in-game currency. If you come in the way of a bomb, you will lose.


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