Top Fan Made Super Smash Bros Games

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Super Smash Bros Fan GamesSuper Smash Bros. is among Nintendo’s most iconic and popular franchises. The game is easily one of the best fighting games on the planet. When it initially came out, it was downright revolutionary.

Getting together with a couple of friends, and playing the game was an insane amount of fun. Gamers could choose from a whole host of legendary Nintendo characters. From Mario’s entire cast of friends to the legendary Link. Even Samus Aran and Snake make appearances in this brilliant game.

However, each series in the game releases on Nintendo exclusive consoles. To make the games more accessible fans have come out with several games that anyone can enjoy. These games are brilliant and attempt to enhance or recreate the Smash Bros formula. The games are a must-try for any fan of the series.

Here are some of the very best fan-made SSB games fans can enjoy.

Super Smash Bros Flash 2

Super Smash Bros Flash 2SSBF2 is easily among the most accessible SSB games players can enjoy. The title is a flash game. A simple flash player update is all you need to play. SSBF2 is also playable on almost any PC. As long as you download the game, it won’t lag.

SSBF2 is not only among the best SSB fan games, but it’s also one of the best fan games of all time. The game is essentially a 2D port of SSB. Several of the game’s most iconic character features. The roster in full is 30 playable characters deep.

Fans can also play with popular Anime characters. It almost sounds too good to be true. Gamers can compete with Ichigo, Naruto, and even Goku. You can pit these fighters against Mario or your favorite Pokémon. The possibilities are endless.

Additionally, all the iconic stages from SSB are available for battle. Along with several other iconic anime stages such as Konoha Village. Each scene looks glorious and is super enjoyable to play.

If you want the SSB experience, play this free browser game. Revel in the glory of fan-made games. Also, keep an eye on the game. The developer comes out with regular updates. These updates often include significant gameplay improvements. SSBF 2 will continue to improve, and you better jump on the train soon.

Super Smash Bros Crusade

Crusade is similar to Flash 2 in nature but goes a little further than the game. Instead of 30 characters, gamers can now select from up to 60 different players. Yes, that’s right, a flash game has 60 different fighters that players can choose.

Super Smash Bros Crusade

Several iconic SSB characters make an appearance. Player favorites like Mario, Snake, and Link are all present. Additionally, there are items from several different franchises that feature in Crusade.

The title offers several different modes as well. There’s the Crusade storyline that players can experience and enjoy. Playing through it is a great way to experience the brilliant ideas put in by the three-game developers.

If you don’t feel like playing the story, you can get right into battling it out with each other. The number of stages that players can pick from is quite a lot. Some of the best arenas from different franchises feature in the game. You can fight in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber from Dragon Ball Z if that’s what you want.

There’s even an online play mode. The game also allows you to hook-up a controller if you don’t feel like playing with the keyboard. From the music to the art design, everything about Crusade seems perfection. Download the game, and you will surely have no regrets.

Brawl Minus

Brawl Minus is an SSB Mod like no other. It’s an entirely fan-made project, and the scale will leave you in awe. Fans of SSB will understand that not all characters in the game are the same level. There’s a tier list that denotes how much use each character gets. The best characters naturally get the most use.

Brawl MinusBrawl Minus entirely does away with the entire tier concept. All the characters in the game receive buffs that make them ridiculous. The game finally has the balance, so many mods look to accomplish. It’s not just a simple buff either.

Several of the weaker characters in the game have completely new physics. In some instances, they even have entirely new moves. Furthermore, several characters that didn’t feature in the original game are all present. Consistent updates also mean that you’ll get to play with newer fighters as well.

What makes the game so enjoyable is the hit stun. The hit stun is much higher than the regular game. Players can get off mind-boggling combos with every character in the game. Brawl Minus will completely transform the way you play SSB.

Project M

Project M is another mod for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It’s got a slightly better reputation than Brawl Minus. It’s occasionally seen in several tournaments as well. Such is the high standard of gameplay.

Several new characters didn’t feature in the Brawl series. All those heroes are present in the mod. Unlike Brawl Minus, Project M looks to improve the competitive meta of the game. There’s a massive difference between playing competitively and casually.

Fans who are in love with the competitive meta will significantly appreciate the changes in Project M. Rather than play like Brawl; it brings back a lot of moves from Melee. If you want to play the best competitive version of Brawl, Project M is what you need.

Super Smash Land

Super Smash Land is an incredibly different iteration of the SSB series. The game takes you back into what could be the past of the franchise. The game looks a game that you could play on the original Gameboy.

The graphics and controls are all dependent on the limitations of the Gameboy. The game might not be particularly revolutionary or competitive, but, it does look terrific. The gameplay is smooth as well, and if you want a different SSB experience, it’s right up that alley.

It can even be a cool thing to show off to your friends. The character roster isn’t massive. Several characters miss out, but multiple Pokémon somehow do manage to find their way into the list.

Despite the limitations, the game allows you to engage in a four-way brawl. It’s a refreshing retro take on the SSB formula that fans of the series should try.

Fan-made games not only sometimes improve on the original game, but they also make them more accessible. Not everyone has access to class Nintendo consoles or the latest ones. Regardless of which title you download, each is the perfect stepping stone. Once you play one fan-made title, you’ll be clamoring to play the next one.