06 Top Fan Made Pokemon Games

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Pokemon Fan GamesThe Pokémon franchise is truly a juggernaut. Since its modest beginnings from Pokémon Red, Blue, and Green the franchise continually evolves with the time. While the mainline games of the series are brilliant, most fans have played through them already.

To fill the gap while waiting for the next Pokémon game, trying fan-made Pokémon games is a brilliant alternative. These games exist in all forms and sizes. Through emulators, gamers can enjoy Pokémon Rom Hack. While there are several online, and PC based fan-made games players can enjoy. Without much further, wait, here are some of the best fan-made Pokémon games players can enjoy.

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Pokémon Light Platinum

The first game on our list is one of the most well know rom-hacks of all time. Pokémon light platinum is a rehash of Pokémon Ruby. However, it’s not just a simple rehash; it’s an entirely different game.

Pokémon Light PlatinumThe sprites are all new and have better quality; the game looks sharper and makes use of several mechanics that didn’t exist at the time of release. Furthermore, the title contains Pokémon from five different regions.

Additionally, there are also two completely new regions for players to explore. These regions also feel like they could be a part of the original franchise. Furthermore, the new areas are new gym leaders and Elite Four.

Players will encounter several new rivals as well as some old ones from previous games. Another brilliant addition is the number of legendaries. Legendary Pokémon are epic. There’s no doubt about that, and there’s no short of them in Light Platinum.

The addition of these two new regions and several legendries means that the game is super long. At the end of it all, gamers will experience the Pokémon World Championship. It’s safe to say that Light Platinum is a great game to start your fan-made Pokémon game journey.

Pokémon Dark Rising

Once you get a taste for the fan-made games, taking on Dark Rising should be your best bet. Unlike other Pokémon games, Dark Rising is brutal. The difficulty level of the game is almost ten times greater than any other Pokémon game.

Pokémon Dark RisingFans that have already played the game can help vouch for the fact that it is no walk in the park. All the levels have been scaled to a higher point. Trainer and Gym Leader teams are also much more capable and have a decent strategy.

The game also makes use of several modern game mechanics that were never present during the release of the original games. Additionally, each gym leader also gets signature Pokémon to make them seem like a proper challenge.

The game doesn’t let you off and continues to get progressively harder. Doing a nuzlocke run in Dark Rising is one of the most frustrating experiences you could imagine. Yet, the game isn’t just tricky; it has many more great features.

Gamers can catch Pokémon from the first five generations, which equals 386 Pokémon. Additionally, the start Pokémon choice is between dragon-type Pokémon, which is a fun new take on the starters.

Dark Rising is an incredibly difficult game, but it’s rewarding as well. As you progress through the story, you’ll learn about the tension present in the realm. If you’re looking for the Dark Souls version of Pokémon, then Pokémon Dark Rising is where you stop searching.

Pokémon Insurgence

More often than not, to play one of these Pokémon games, you’re going to need an emulator. However, Pokémon Insurgence is a very different prospect. Instead of reworking an existing, the developers made the game from scratch on RPGMaker.

Pokémon InsurgenceIt’s a testament to the skills of the developers that they manage to capture the vibe of original Pokémon games perfectly. The sprites for everything and the environments look distinctively like Nintendo’s brilliant work.

Insurgence takes players to the entirely new region Torren region. Furthermore, there is a wholly new species of Pokémon known as delta. These change the existing typing of your favorite Pokémon and present them in a completely new light. There are also new mega evolutions for Pokémon that didn’t have them before. The amount of work that’s gone into this game is evident.

The journey follows the same general pattern as your traditional Pokémon games. There’s also even an extra storyline to follow once you become the champion. Players can catch Pokémon from generation 1-6, and build a multigenerational team if they prefer.

Once you’re done with the main game, other fun features will keep you around. You can choose between several different challenge modes, such as nuzlocke and solo runs. If you’re looking for a modern retake on your traditional Pokémon adventure, then you should play Insurgence.

Pokémon Showdown

Finally, Pokémon games were a single-player experience. However, with the advent of technology, the multiplayer portion of the game blew up. Online battling became more popular than ever, and finding the most reliable team to deal with damage online was a great challenge.

Pokémon Showdown is the most comprehensive Pokémon battle simulator you can experience online. It categorizes Pokémon according to the most popular tiers, saving you the trouble of searching for your best team.

Additionally, if you don’t care about building your team, you can jump into random battles. The battles follow the most modern meta-game mechanics and feature all the Pokémon in the game.

Gamers can make use of mega-evolution, and Z moves as well. Pokémon Showdown is the complete online battle simulator gamers can experience. The free online game is an excellent option for anyone looking to practice any battling.

It’s also an accessible medium for players that are new to competitive Pokémon battling. The online meta-game is utterly different from the single-player game. You’ll truly understand how strategic Pokémon is once you start competitive battling.

Pokémon Uranium

Unlike most rom-hacks Pokémon Uranium is not a rom-hack. It’s an entirely new game made from scratch using RPG Maker. Due to this, the graphics and sprites are much better than regular rom-hack.

Pokemon UraniumHowever, it’s also one of the few games that got a cease and desist order from Nintendo. Luckily due to the fan community, the development of the game didn’t end. After the release of several patches and updates, gamers can finally enjoy this brilliant game.

The game targets a much older audience than the regular mainline franchise. Due to the older themes, the title feels tenser and more complex than other games in the series. The game introduces 150 completely new Pokémon with their evolutions and what not.

The game also introduces the concept of irradiated Pokémon. If you want to see the Pokémon world in a completely new light, you should check out Pokémon Uranium.

Pokémon Ash-Gray

The final game on this list of fan-made games is the perfect love letter to the Pokémon anime. Ash-Gray is a recreation of the anime, that plays out like a regular game. Some several random encounters and events allow you to relive the anime.

Pokemon Ash-GrayGamers can also revel in the brilliance of using Ash’s entire team. Although, if you want to catch different Pokémon, you can create your team. You can currently play up to halfway through the Orange Islands. However, there’s no need to worry. Updates of the game come out fairly frequently. Eventually, you’ll have the full video game from the start of Kanto to the end of the Orange Islands.

The game isn’t mechanically revolutionary and is much the same as Fire Red. Yet, the recreation of the anime is correctly done. The game will evoke an insane amount of nostalgia for fans of the series. For newcomers, it’s a brand-new way to experience the beginning of Ash’s story.

These games just begin to scratch the surface of fan-made games out there. There are so many more different games to explore out there. Let these fan-made Pokémon games get you started on your journey.