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If you’re ever in the mood for some of that Tetris nostalgia, then Trixology is the perfect game. It modernizes the entire look and feel of Tetris and makes everything much more modern. There’s a new music track and all the movements are much smoother.

The object of the game is getting the highest score possible. Each block you place will earn you a higher score. However, once you hit the top your game will end. You have to make sure that you don’t reach the apex.

In order to stop yourself from reaching the top, you need to place a complete row of blocks in place. Once you finish a row, it’ll completely remove the entire row. Additionally, you also get a score multiplier for removing a line. The game is super simplistic in nature but gives you a lot of room to experiment with strategy. How you manage the blocks is incredibly crucial to the highest scores you can reach.

How to play Trixology?

The controls to the game are incredibly simple. Blocks are going to drop continuously one after the other. You can control the direction of where they fall and the position using the arrow keys. By pressing the space key you’ll cause the block to drop immediately. Gamers can also rotate the blocks left and right, using the Z and X keys respectively.

If you don’t feel like using your keyboard, gamers can easily make use of their mouse as well. You can move the dropping blocks by moving your mouse left and right. The left click allows you to rotate the block. Furthermore, if you want the ball to drop immediately you need to click on the button with two arrows on the side.

• Try to eliminate grids from the start, don’t take any risks trying to build up a base. The easiest way to get a higher score is by eliminating rows.
• Don’t be scared to rotate. Make sure you try to get the best fit possible. Get creative and think ahead to get the best moves possible.

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