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Wheely 2 is easily one of the most kid-friendly games out there. Any person at any age can have a great time playing this brilliant platformer. In the game you are an adorable red car, and you fall in love with a pink car. All the levels in the game showcase your journey as you try to catch up to her.

The game takes away all the regular controls you would find in a modern platform. What you have is a much more interactive click-based system. Instead of controlling your character, gamers will be controlling the obstacles.

How to play Wheely 2?

It’s a very easy to play game, which makes it so suitable to all ages. There’s not much you need to play except your mouse. You’ll find several interactive objects on the screen like wheely himself. Simply click on these to cause them to perform a specific function.

If you still don’t understand then there’s no need to worry. The initial levels in the game serve as a perfect tutorial.

• Make sure you watch the storyline. Wheely 2 may not have any dialogue but, the narrative is very endearing.
• Pay attention to the obstacle cues, the game is super helpful. It’ll guide you through the levels.

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