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There is No Game has been played 3,712 times and received a rating of 3.78 / 5 (76%) from 9 votes.

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Game rating: 3.78 based on 9 votes.

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There is No Game is a cool free game that is a proud WINNER of the Deception Jam. Testing your wits and zest, it is actually set to make players confused by the narrator and his conversation. The cool HTML5 game eventually requires you freeing up a goat but then again is it a game? There is no game. There is nothing to do.


There is No Game will snap you out of boredom in seconds. With its quite intriguing and intuitive gameplay, the game keeps players hooked onto the screen for a wonderful gaming experience. There’s a black screen essentially that displays what the narrator tells you; for example, THERE IS NO GAME. This deep voiced narrator addresses you throughout the entire game as ‘User’ and gets angry as you click on ‘O’ in the message or anything else. So, don’t click on anything or are you brazen enough to do that and unravel the end? Click on the objects at your own risk.

How To Play

Use your mouse to click on options offered by the narrator on the black screen, use the keyboard to select an option.

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