The Visitor

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Game rating: 4.19 based on 21 votes.

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The Visitor is a great fun packed free online game for those gaming enthusiasts who love spooky, spine-tingling and thrilling gameplay. This one’s a cardboard horror story about an unexpected visitor knocking at your door in the middle of the night. Stuffed with brilliant graphics, spooky scenes and a mysteriously gothic backdrop, The Visitor is an excellent game for those searching for an enthralling gaming experience.


This exciting online game entails a dark, mysterious environment that uplifts the elements of mystery and horror in the gameplay. The tenebrious and semi-dark surroundings to depict the night mode and the sudden rap-at-the-door from the visitor is enough to terrorize you and make you jittery, nervous and uncomfortable. To keep yourself safe from the visitor, you need to direct your gaze in the proper direction so that the spooky atmosphere doesn’t take you down. There are visual cues and aids such as flickering lights in the gameplay that assist and show you where to look and gaze in order to spot the visitor. Be vigilant during the game and stay alert so that you don’t miss out on these visual aids.

How To Play

You need to be attentive and ready when playing The Visitor because any reckless move can make you lose the game. Click the mouse or use your touch screen in order to direct your gaze for accurately locating the mysterious visitor.

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