The Impossible Quiz

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The Impossible Quiz requires insane logic (or even guesses) to solve. Make your way through various difficult questions that require a lot of brain power. You may find it difficult to solve each question, but the game gives you 3 lives, and this helps in making the Impossible Quiz possible.


This quiz game features several questions that require logical guesses or common sense. There is no pressure because the quiz is not time-sensitive (unless a specific question requires timing) and you have three lives. Each question brings forward a new challenge to overcome, and the questions get progressively harder to solve.

How to Play

Using mouse and any keys that a specific question may require. You must solve the questions as they appear on the screen. Once you solve one question, the next one will appear. A question may offer you multiple choices and challenges. Answering a question wrong will deduct a life and when all three of your lives run out, the game ends. However, you can start again with the same order of questions and make your way up to pass your previous point.


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