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Sworm.io is a real-time multiplayer game that follows the model of traditional snake game. The objective of the game is to grow bigger and maintain your hegemony. Consume the food lying around glowing in the dark and eat as many insects as you can. Eating bugs protects you as it covers you with a protective layer. Also, there are bonuses scattered around, make sure to consume them. Running into yourself will not hurt you but be alert! Smashing your head into other players would kill you and the game ends there. Similarly, if another player hits you, he dies instantly.

On the main screen, you would see various buttons. Choose your favorite skin by clicking skin button. Some of the skins would be open while others can be chosen after sharing on social media. You can either sign in with any social media account or can play as a guest. There is absolutely no restriction. Moreover, if you don’t want to play and just want to have a look inside, click the spectate button. If you want to find out the best achievers, click top 1000 that tabulates the name of the players, the games they have played, time spent playing the game and their best score.


Use your mouse to command your sworm as it follows the cursor. Right click gives a boost to your sworm and left click makes your sworm bite.


Eat as many bugs as possible to keep yourself protected.

Use your cunning to encircle other players.

Bite other sworms and drop them on the scoreboard.

Released in:

March 2018

Presented by:

Sworm.io has been developed by S3Games.


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