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Game rating: 3.73 based on 11 votes.

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Squadd.io is a fun, fast-paced shooter game with an isometric element that has you competing against your buddies and the rest from across the globe. Just like other shooting based games, this title has become popular amongst the gaming enthusiasts due to the exciting gameplay, the brilliant visual effects, interesting levels, and the wide range of features. If you’re looking for a great shoot-em-all adventure, then this is the ideal game for you.


As with other games in .io genre, Squadd.io comes equipped with an array of impressive features like special rewards, new levels, bonuses, cool pickups scattered across the map, and exciting weapons. There are three types of bonuses you can avail of this game including Attack up, Shield up and Health up. These come handy as you move up new, challenging levels on the way. You can also collect special weapons, fragments, and medals that are randomly spawned across the map at different places, so do not forget to pick these up.

How To Play Squadd.io?

The game requires you to survive and shoot others in the battling arena to grab the top position in the leaderboard. To play this title, just choose your character and enter the battleground taking on the rest but be sure to stay vigilant and make swift movements. Make sure you stay safe from enemy attacks employing tactical moves and perseverance. Collect rewards and build up your ammunition on the way to outperform others and win the game.


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