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Game rating: 4.78 based on 9 votes.

Home » Shooting Games » is specially designed to provide you hours of entertainment and adventure. Designed along the lines of other popular games like, this packs a slew of interesting elements which make the entire gaming experience unique and immersive. The highlight of this title is the helicopter that you have to fly while you’re shooting at your enemies. The idea of taking down your opponents in an aerial battle play is definitely overwhelming and thrilling.

Features comes equipped with interesting features including an interesting game universe with objects to interact with, action-packed combats, superpowers, customizable characters, and special rewards to help you move up additional levels in the game. There are upgrades available that you unlock as you move through the game to strengthen your character and take on bigger challenges. You can also use special weapons to shoot at your enemies, build up territories, and collect add-ons for your helicopter.

How To Play

Choose the character from the options available in the menu. Enter the battlefield with your helicopter and start shooting at your opponents while avoiding their attacks. Build walls and towers to stay safe from your opponent’s bullets and try to annex as much area as possible. As the area is filled, you move up a level. With each level, you’d be able to get new upgrades and unlock new weapons for combats. You can use superpowers to tackle the opponents and shield yourself from their attacks. Your goal is to annex as much territory as possible and conquer the entire map.


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