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Game rating: 4.26 based on 23 votes.

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If you love playing guess-the-word game, then this one is a perfect mind boggling game that puts your thinking abilities to the test. Skribbl is an online IO multiplayer game that takes inspiration from Pictionary. A maximum of eight players join a room/server and compete each other by guessing the word. Alternatively, the home screen also offers the player to create his own private room which his friends can join. The gameplay offers skribblers to draw the item from a given set of three words and the other Skribblers will have to guess within an 80-second timeframe.

Wrong guesses by the players are displayed next to their names while any player with the right guess will have his name turned green in the dialogue box shown on the right side of the screen. The lesser the time taken to guess the word, the more points the player gains and vice versa. Moreover, the game offers three rounds and the player with highest points is decisively a winner. The player drawing the given word may be voted for a kick if the drawing does not perfectly illustrates the chosen word.

How to play?

The players draw the item with the aid of mouse click and guess the word with the help of keyboard.


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