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Game rating: 2.25 based on 4 votes.

Home » Shooting Games » is a 2D game whose gameplay relates to post-holocaust time when the nature takes back its right to rule the world. On the home screen, the player can choose to play between survival mode and battle royal mode. You are represented by tiny yellow crab-like creature. Collect the resources such as stones and woods that are necessary for building destructive weapons displayed at the bottom of the page. Keep an active eye on the health indicators on bottom-left of your screen. Health is maintained by stockings of fruits and vegetables lying around the jungle.

Beware of the opponents! Their attack might turn out fatal. Use weapons from the inventory and kill the beasts. Additionally, beware of the shockwaves that come in survival mode. Standing idle for long may cause radiations.

If you don’t want to compete against random opponents, create your own private server by clicking ‘get a private server’ and invite your friends.


Use keyboard keys W, A, S and D or arrow keys to roam around.

Strike shift key to speed up.

Hit left click on your mouse to attack your opponent or collect resource.

Press M key for map.

Press E key for interaction.

Use C button on your keyboard for Craft and Skills.

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July 2018


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