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Progress through the levels of this one-player platform game, collecting bonuses on the way. You must make it through different platforms in each level (which gradually increases in difficulty) while facing obstacles on the way. Advanced levels present you harder obstacles (for example, platforms where your character cannot run). You must make it to the finish line of each level to move on to the next level of Run 2. Fall off the platform and the character will respawn at the start of the platform course.


You can choose between runner and skater. The runner is easier to control, but cannot jump very far, while the skater is harder to control, but can jump farther than the runner. The speed of the character can be controlled in the settings menu. Hints are also provided to those who are stuck. Collecting the bonus at one level will help unlock the next level.

How to Play

Use the right and left arrow keys to move the character left and right respectively. The character can also rotate across a platform using the left and right arrow keys. The space bar allows the character to jump from one platform to the next.


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