Riddle Transfer 2

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Riddle Transfer 2 is a sequel to the game bearing the same name. It’s a point and click adventure game where players solve environmental clues and pick up items which can be used to progress in the game.


To successfully play this game, players will have to keep their thinking hats on and eyes peeled. There are clues hidden in each scenic frame of the game that need to be discovered and then used to expand the plot. There are items you can interact with and store in the inventory. Sometimes, an inconspicuous looking item could be the key component of something bigger, and at times it can also be combined with other items to get unique results. You will have to rely on your instincts and power of observation to detect which item can be used in such a manner.

How to Play

Like other browser based games of the same genre, only the computer mouse is needed to play Riddle Transfer 2. You can interact with environments or some selective parts of them. There are clickable dialog boxes, which help you understand the plot and broaden the story line. It’s a game which requires thorough attention and inventiveness to successfully finish it. It’s highly enjoyable and immersive.


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